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Below are composer biographies of famous classical composers. The famous composer biographies are sorted in alphabetical order.

Bach Biography

Balakirev Biography

Beethoven Biography

Irving Berlin Biography

Bizet Biography

Borodin Biography

Brahms Biography

Chopin Biography

Antonin Leopold Dvorak Biography

Edward Elgar Biography

George Gershwin Biography

Glinka Biography

Grieg Biography

Handel Biography

Haydn Biography

Scott Joplin Biography

Liszt Biography

Gustave Mahler Biography

Felix Mendelssohn Biography

Mozart Biography

Mussorgsky Biography

Jacques Offenbach Biography

Pachelbel Biography

Paganini Biography

Sergei Prokofiev Biography

Puccini Biography

Sergei Vassilievitch Rachmaninov Biography

Maurice Ravel Biography

Rossini Biography

Rimsky-Korsakov Biography

Rubenstein Biography

Saint-Saens Biography

Schubert Biography

Clara Schumann Biography

Robert Schumann Biography

Sibelius Biography

Shostakovich Biography

Strauss Biography

Stravinsky Biography

Georgy Sviridov Biography

Tchaikovsky Biography

Telemann Biography

Verdi Biography

Antonio Vivaldi Biography

Wagner Biography

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